• Q. What if all the numbers aren’t taken before the timer runs out?
  • A. The timer resets for another week to allow more tickets to be sold. The maximum extension is 4 weeks.
  • Q. What if all the tickets don’t sell after any and all extensions?
  • A. All players will be fully refunded every penny of their stake.
  • Q. How much of the stake gets paid out on a completed competition?
  • A. At least 80% of entry stakes gets paid out as prize(s) or cash on completed competitions.
  • Q. Is the number selection truly random?
  • A. It’s as scientifically random as possible. It’s outsourced to an independent specialist organisation in Dublin, RANDOM.ORG
  • Q. How many numbers can I buy in one draw.
  • A. You can buy a maximum of 5 numbers in any one draw.
  • Q. When does the draw take place?
  • A. The random number draw takes place 48 hours after the competition closes.
  • Q. When will my prize be delivered?
  • A. We will deliver your prize within 5 days free of charge anywhere in the UK.

Please also see our full terms and conditions here.